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Dutchman Housing

Fuqua Homes


27 ft 4 Inch Wide Modular Fuqua

Fuqua combines it's inherently green qualities with the energy efficiency that we have become famous for to create a new series of homes designed smarter to feel larger. We utilize every inch of space to save square footage which drastically reduces energy bills and helps to mitigate its carbon foot print on the world.

Smaller homes are enjoying increased popularity today and are the way of the future, as there is no such thing as a "green" large home. Smaller homes have many advantages:

  • easier to maintain
  • more affordable home/building costs
  • a simpler lifestyle
  • lower utility bills
  • less to clean
  • a cozier atmosphere
  • lower property taxes
  • much more environmentally friendly design

1096 Sq Feet 2840B
1282 Sq Feet 2846B
1424 Sq Feet 2852B
1501 Sq Feet 2855B
1644 Sq Feet 2860B

EnergyWise Modular

30 ft Wide Modular Fuqua

1362 Sq Feet 7745B
1440 Sq Feet 2648B
1644 Sq Feet 7754B
1722 Sq Feet 7756B
1800 Sq Feet 2660B
1800 Sq Feet 7760B


Master Built I Modular

One Story

1202 Sq Feet 2444B
1421 Sq Feet 2452B
1421 Sq Feet 2453B
1530 Sq Feet 2455B
1530 Sq Feet 2458B
1722 Sq Feet 30 Ft Wide 2457B
1730 Sq Feet 2478B
1876 Sq Feet 2476B
1920 Sq Feet 30 Ft Wide 2464B

1920 Sq Feet 30 Ft Wide 2465B
2059 Sq Feet 30 Ft Wide 2480B
2090 Sq Feet 45 Ft Wide 2424B
2160 Sq Feet 30 Ft Wide 2473B

Two Story



Two Story First Floor 1680 Sq Feet 2490B
Two Story Second Floor 1680 Sq Feet 2490BA


Two Story First Floor 1749 Sq Feet 2492B
Two Story Second floor 1749 sq feet 2492BA


Two Story First Floor 2200 sq feet 2493B
Two Story Second Story 2200 Sq feet 2493BA


Two Story First Floor 2295 Sq feet 2495B
Two Story Second Story 2295 Sq feet 2495BA


Two Story First Floor 1965 Sq feet 2496B
Two Story Second Story 1965 Sq feet 2496AB

Master Built II Modular

1530 Sq Feet 3457B
1639 Sq Ft 3418B
1639 Sq Ft 3419B


1857 Sq Ft 3456B
1857 Sq Ft Model 3456B OPTIONS


2733 Sq Ft 40 Ft Wide

2499B Two Story

2499B Two Story First floor 3120 Sq Ft
2499BA Two Story First Floor 3120 Sq Ft


904 Sq Ft 3436B BASEMENT
984 Sq Ft 3436B

30 Ft Wide

1975 Sq Ft 30 Ft Wide 3471B

41 Ft Wide

1968 Sq Feet 41 Ft wide 3438B
2122 Sq Ft 41 Ft Wide 3422B
2314 Sq Ft 41 Ft Wide 3428B

Duplex Models



Master Built III Modular

1202 Sq Ft 5244B
1402 Sq Ft Wide 3494B
1512 Sq Ft Wide 3495B
1604 Sq Ft 6256B
1653 Sq Ft 6255B
1653 Sq Ft 6257B
1748 Sq Ft 3496B
1948 Sq Ft 6268B
2167 Sq Ft 6272B

30 Ft Wide

1240 Sq Ft 30 Ft Wide 5281B
1440 Sq Ft 30 Ft Wide 5248B
1559 Sq Ft 30 Ft Wide 5282B
1640 Sq Ft 30 Ft Wide 5254b
1640 Sq Ft 30 Ft Wide 5283B
1680 Sq Ft 30 Ft Wide 5256B
1680 Sq Ft 30 Ft Wide 5284B
1920 Sq Ft 30 Ft Wide 5264B


1834 Sq Ft 6265B
1834 Sq Ft 6266B
1834 Sq Ft 6267B

Two Bedroom

1147 Sq Ft Two Bedroom 3491B
1366 Sq Ft Two Bedroom 3492B
1366 Sq Ft Two Bedroom 3493B

Duplex Models




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