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These days, choosing a home isn’t easy. Not only are there so many types of houses, but prices are also rising steadily. Instead of battling the market to eventually find a house that is likely overpriced, many people are deciding to build their own modular homes.

Building a modular home is cost-effective and gives homeowners the opportunity to easily customize their new house into their dream. By choosing every detail of their new home, they are helping ensure that they get all of their ideal features. Modular homes are also energy efficient and environmentally friendly, making them a great option for anyone looking to buy a custom modular home.

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Getting Started

Just like with any project, you’re going to want to take some time to learn about building modular homes. Understanding what you can expect ahead of time will help you mitigate any potential issues and will set your build up for success.

There are a handful of essential steps that you’ll want to take before you start building your modular home. Following these steps will help you prepare and can help ensure an effective, timely, and within budget build.

Before you start your modular home project, make sure and follow these simple steps:

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Step 1: Imagine Your Ideal House

There are multiple home plans for you to choose from on the Avenue of Homes as well as on our manufacturer’s websites. Find the plan that best suits your needs and dreams.

This plan is only the shell of your new home. Once you pick your plan, work with your Avenue of Homes team to customize it into your dream home. You get to choose your features and design, adding, removing, and changing in the ways that suit you best.

Most of our home plans are fully customizable in order to make sure that our clients are truly getting the house of their dreams. Simply start with one of our plans and we’ll go from there.

After we have worked together to create the perfect plan for your home, we move on to the next step.

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Step 2:
Builder Review

When your plan is finished, we hand it over to our team of expert designers. Our designers have the skill and experience to turn your plan into something incredible! They will draw up both a preliminary plan and create a 3D rendering.

These creations enable you to see your dream come to life. You will then be able to review the professional designs and make sure they represent the home you are imagining.

This is your opportunity to make any changes and to customize every detail until the plan for your home is exactly what you are looking for.

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Step 3:
Receive Your Quote

After you have approved the final version of your plan including upgrades and other features, Avenue of Homes will take a look and create your unique quote. This quote will include everything you need to have your custom home built exactly as you have imagined.

When you have received your quote, feel free to ask any questions about it until you feel comfortable and understand it.

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Step 4:
Sign Your Contract, Pay Your Deposit

If you are happy with your plan and agree on the quote, sign your contract with Avenue of Homes. Upon signing, you will pay your deposit. Make sure and complete this step right away to ensure you’re getting the best deal for your modular home build.

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Avenue Of Homes Logo Shape

Step 5: Time for Color!

With the perfect plan and a signed contract, the fun begins. It’s time to customize and design even further by choosing the colors you love.

At Avenue of Homes, we have an abundance of colors. You’ll want to head into our office to choose in order to get a first-hand look at each color. Choosing colors from a brochure or online can end in disappointment, so we recommend that our clients take the time to head down and choose in person. With Stratford and Northstar modular homes, all of our customers are invited to attend a personalized plant tour and finalize all options at the factory.

Custom picking the colors for your new home is one of the best ways to personalize and create a house that is fully and uniquely yours.

Step 6: Prepare Plans for Construction

When you are finished making all of your choices and carefully crafting your modular home, we submit your plans for construction. This occurs once all of your design choices have been completed, and you are confident about your choices and the look of your new home.

Once we reach this step, your home is ready to be constructed and the manufacturer provides an estimated date as to when your home will be completed. Everything is set, the manufacturer prepares construction plans, and get ready to get to work building your dream home.

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Northstar Home Construction
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Avenue Of Homes Logo Shape
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Step 7: Construction Begins!

After completely customizing and designing your own modular home, it’s time to relax and enjoy the process.

During the construction process, you will have detailed communication with your team. They will keep you updated about the construction of your home so that you have realistic expectations about when it will be finished and ready.

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